Friday, February 26, 2010

Good week of therapy!

I've been busy and have been able to hit up all my favorite places: Next Step Fitness, Precision Rehab, Project Walk (among other things: HBO and reflexology). I see signs of improvement since the surgery and am anxious to find out what Dr Bray has to say at my follow-up appointment on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slowly but surely, but not yet there...

Thanks for all of the support and prayers over the past 5.5 weeks! My back feels a lot better. Over the past several weeks, I have done 17 sessions of HBO (hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment) and reflexology/leg massage to help with the circulation. A special thanks to those who have been helping me directly, including my parents for driving me all around when I didn't have the strength to drive/bring the chair in my car alone, Kennett for helping me with periodic treatments, Ivette for her patience and love, Judy for calling and having the kids help cheer me on, James, my mom and all the Hawaiian friends/relatives (and Jen and her Colombian friends) who have helped with the coffee leaves that we've been trying, all those who have donated to help with my medical expenses and mis suegros who have shown me nothing but love since the day I met them and everyone else who I am not calling out right now.

As I'm feeling a lot better (but not yet 100%), I have started to go to therapy again since I am more mobile. Today was a special day for a few reasons. My sister, Jen, is back in town from Colombia and she came to therapy with me today at Project Walk in Carlsbad, CA (more than 100 miles from my place in Pasadena). Today may have been my best day at therapy. I felt like I had great initiation and follow through, my legs had a lot of strength and I am actually sore right now!

I have seen some small improvements since the surgery, although it is difficult to tell if these are strictly from the surgery as there was no formal benchmark prior to the surgery. Regardless, I can now more easily contract my toes on my right foot, I have a little better sensation in my back, my core strength is a little better, I feel like during a few of the stretches/therapy sessions, I have been able to connect more and even initiate more and I have better sensations (but still impaired) of hot/cold temperatures on my legs.

I'm fighting hard to get better and will try to update this blog with more updates as they come and pictures, etc. Thanks again for your support and love.

Here is a video of me riding the stationary bike today at Project Walk. Pretty cool for a paralyzed guy, right?!