Friday, April 20, 2007

Second E-mail created on March 28, 2007

March 28, 2007


I want to start by saying thank you so so much for the kind words, thoughts, stories and prayers. Each one really means so much to me. I am still in very good spirits, and I truly attribute that to the support and prayers that I have received.

I apologize for making this e-mail so impersonal and for not responding sooner. I will make every attempt to reach out to you personally.

I sent the last e-mail when I checked into the rehab hospital in Hawaii on Friday, March 16. The therapists performed various evaluations on Saturday and started therapy sessions on Sunday. After hours of conversations with my family and friends and prayer and lots of coordination by my girlfriend, I transferred to a specialized spinal cord rehabilitation hospital in Denver, Colorado called Craig Hospital on Wednesday, March 21.

Since my arrival, they have performed a number of tests trying to gather more information about the nature of my injury. The MRI taken last Friday showed a decrease in the swelling in my spinal cord, but some abnormalities were still present.

There really have been no significant improvements or changes to my mobility or sensations since the last time I wrote. However, this is consistent with the doctor’s prognosis that this will not be a short recovery process.

Things have been excellent and very professional here at Craig Hospital. I am very patient and look forward to positive results while keeping myself grounded in what is currently happening. My mom and Ivette are out here with me right now and have been such a blessing. My dad and brother are driving up as I type. I was able to meet up with one of my best friends, Anthony, during his layover in Denver last Sunday.

Again, thank you for the love, as each message, call, text, e-mail and support really means a lot and gives me even more strength and courage to persevere.

Hasta pronto and lots of love,

Mark 2:11-12


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